Temporary Tooth Replacement

When a patient needs a tooth replacement, it is often takes some time before the replacement option of choice is ready to go, and the patient still has a gap between his or her teeth. Temporary tooth replacement options are inexpensive and great ways to cover these gaps while waiting for the permanent replacements.

Dental Putty

Dental putty is a non-toxic and semi-solid and is sold over the counter at most drug and department stores. It is a great option for anyone who has only one missing tooth or when the missing teeth are in different areas of the mouth. The cost of the putty will vary depending upon the store and the quality; the cheapest option is not always the best option. To use it, clean the teeth surrounding the gap very well and pull out an adequate sized bit of putty. Then, work the putty into the gap, molding it against the surrounding teeth. The putty will harden a bit once it dries, but it is not sufficient for chewing or drinking hot beverages.

Temporary Fixes

While many of the temporary options listed here will not provide any cosmetic benefits, they can certainly prevent the discomfort associated with missing teeth. One option is the use of a mouth guard that is designed for people who grind their teeth; these are sold over the counter, and most of them will fit everyone without any special fitting. Another option is to use a cotton ball to fill the gap in order to ease the sensation of the missing tooth, but this can shift around, particularly at night. To prevent this from occurring, patients can use a bit of dental gum to secure the cotton ball to the surrounding teeth.


Crowns are the best way to get a temporary tooth replacement, but these must be handled by a dentist or oral surgeon. Essentially, the dentist will use special epoxy or cement to fill the gap, securing it to the adjacent teeth. This is not a permanent solution, however, and the cement will weaken over time. Most of the patients who get temporary crowns can eat and drink as usual as long as they avoid extremely hard and chewy foods. Hot beverages typically do not affect the crown.

Temporary Prosthesis

Although they are more expensive than the other temporary tooth replacement options listed here, temporary prosthetics are the most natural-looking way to replace missing teeth while waiting for a permanent solution. To do this, the dentist will typically take an impression before the tooth or teeth are extracted. Then, they will use this impression to craft a temporary device that holds one or more artificial teeth, sometimes even on the same day of the extraction. Patients will need to remember that this temporary device should be removed before eating in order to prevent breakage; it should also be cleaned thoroughly several times a day in order for the area of extraction to heal.

Waiting for a permanent solution for missing teeth can be frustrating, and it can certainly cause one to feel self-conscious. However, with the help of these temporary options, patients can feel more comfortable in both the physical and mental sense.

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